Update from Will #3: Global GraphQL Meetup & Podcast Search GraphQL API


William Lyon / December 06, 2020

3 min read

Hi folks!

This week I have a couple new videos and a blog post to share - all about GraphQL.

Global GraphQL Meetup Talk#

I had a lot of fun on the Global GraphQL Meetup with Eve Porcello and Alex Banks this week. I gave a talk titled "Low Code GraphQL With Neo4j". I was a little bit worried because I had three (3!) live demos I wanted to show and fortunately didn't have any issues.

This was a fun one for me because I got to talk a bit about the way I think of the "Low Code" trend, which is best summarized as what I call the "Low Code Spectrum". Low code is a trendy buzzword right now but I don't think developers really care about buzzwords, instead we care about solving problems and the Low Code Spectrum places low code tools on a spectrum from packages and libraries, to CLIs, to UI driven tools. I gave examples of tools in each category that make it easier to build GraphQL APIs backed by Neo4j.

If you watch the recording you'll also see my graph Christmas tree in the background 🎄

Global GraphQL Meetup

Low Code GraphQL With Neo4j

Building A Podcast Search API#

This week I started a new series on the Neo4j live stream. This time we're building a podcast application using GRANDstack. In the first session we went through a graph data modeling exercise and then started building the GraphQL API for our application focusing on implementing podcast search using the Podcast Index API.

You can watch the recording of the stream or I also wrote up a blog post covering what we built in the first stream, if you prefer that format.

Podcast Search GraphQL API With Neo4j And The Podcast Index

December 06, 2020 • 11 min read

Building A GRANDstack Podcast App: Episode 1


What I'm Listening To#

I thought since we're building a podcast application on the live stream it would make sense to highlight some of the podcasts I've enjoyed listening to. This week I'll point out one of those is the Acquired podcast. Each episode focuses on a company and does a well researched deep dive into the story behind the company, how it was founded and what made it successful, often leading up to an acquisition, IPO, or other liquidity event. The hosts are venture capitalists and try to grade each acquisition. I mostly ignore the VC aspects and instead enjoy the stories behind each company.

That's all this time. Thanks for reading!

Cheers, Will


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