Hi, I'm Will!

I'm a software developer and I'm also writing a book "Fullstack GraphQL Applications With GRANDstack". You can follow me on Twitter at @lyonwj or subscribe to my newsletter for periodic updates. Here you can find mostly my blog posts, videos, and other projects.

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Latest Posts

Spatial Search Functionality With Neo4j

January 03, 2023 • 11 min read

Radius Distance, Bounding Box, and Point in Polygon Search With Graphs


Graph Data Visualization With GraphQL & react-force-graph

September 29, 2021 • 11 min read

Building Interactive Graph Data Visualizations With GraphQL

Data Visualization

Building A GraphQL Server With Next.js

July 27, 2021 • 12 min read

Using Next.js API Routes And Deploying To Vercel & Neo4j Aura

Neo4j Aura

Livestream Projects

Recently I've been experimenting with livestreaming. Here are a few projects I've been working on as live streams.


Building a podcast application using GRANDstack

Fullstack GraphQL Book Club

Working through each chapter of my book Fullstack GraphQL Applications With GRANDstack

Central Perk

Building a travel guide of Central Park in New York City using Gatsby.js, Neo4j, and GraphQL

Willow GRANDstack

Building a real estate search application using GRANDstack: GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j Database